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Beachfront Vacation Rental Villa in Southampton Bermuda

Huge beautiful house with million dollar view is ideally located on the grounds of the Fairmont Southampton Hotel. This property is a dream location with large and spacious 4-bedrooms and 4-bathroom, with stunning panoramic views of the world famous Horseshoe Bay Beach on Fairmont Southampton. Hotel provides ready to access golf, tennis, hiking trails, willow stream spa and top five restaurants offering some of the best cuisines in Bermuda. Two person electric cars and a cycle livery are also available if you choose to rent, for your visit in Bermuda.  Astonishing views and listen to the soothing sound of the surf as it gently laps the beach from anywhere on the property. Other amenities include a five minute walk to Bermuda railway trail, ideal for walking, biking and scenic tours. If you choose not to walk and want to enjoy the surroundings, then don’t worry-free hotel shuttle will take you to anywhere on the campus.

The house will exceed every expectation that you will not be even familiar with. Coffee lover will love to hang out on the deck with a cup of coffee and having breakfast overlooking Horseshoe Bay. There are too many Coves to explore-Kids would love to be at the cove’s spot. Thrilling, adventurous, magical moments with your family and friends - it has all that a comfortable and relaxing vacation can have.


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